Tuesday, May 11, 2010

At The Easel

This was so much fun to paint! Hope everyone survived the tornadoes last night and has electricity. I love spring but not that part or the allergies, ugh, my eyes are puffed and my nose is red.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Good Idea

This idea came from one of my favorite landscape painters Marc Hanson, it's so good I thought I'd share it. Marc did a painting a day last April and needed a place to store them while they dry.


I thought that you might be wondering what one does with all of the paintings. When I started thinking about doing this in late March of 2009, I thought about what I would do with all of those panels once they had wet paint on them and needed somewhere to dry and stay safe (from the cat... Sargent). I went to a the music store and measured the DVD wire racks. The tallest one holds 50, the shorter two hold 32 or so. They work out perfectly and would even work for 6x8's if you put them in there the narrow way. There are about 95 paintings in this photo.
Posted by Marc R. Hanson

Monday, May 3, 2010

Up and Running


"Clearly" 6"x6" oil

I haven't forgot about you, we have had soooo much computer trouble. We think it's fixed and then it's not, meanwhile life goes on in cyber world without me. I had no idea how dependent I am on the computer. I would run down to the library to check my mail daily. So hopefully we are done with repairs. This painting was done while I was at The Waterstreet Gallery last week. It was fun to do. I didn't want any definate lines around the bulb, just mass against mass with some places that just melded into the background.