Friday, July 16, 2010

"Make A Wish"

22.25"x12" Oil on Linen

These are not your normal Dandelion puffs. These grow at least five times the size. The first time I tried to pick them they flew into pieces on the wind. I went home and got the Aquanet hairspray and gave them a good spray just so I could cut them. These are one of my favorite things to paint and draw, at least once a year they find their way into a setup. They have form like a solid yet they are not solid, I also think that these evoke memories for a lot of people of childhood and making wishes on them.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Reocurring Objects

"Special Things" 6"x8" Oil

I was in the middle of setting up a still life when I realized how I reach for certain objects that I have painted hundreds of times before, for example, Christmas ornaments, ribbons, a couple favorite old vases, pansies, and clementines to name a few. It's not that I don't have enough stuff to choose from, my favorite hobby is looking for more stuff. I think it's that I'm naturally drawn to these objects, and what they can do in a set up. I wonder if this is a crutch or just my style and the thing that makes my work recognizable? I wonder if any of you do this also and what do you use over and over?

Friday, July 2, 2010

Workshop Demo

This orchid was the last demo I did at my workshop as our time was running out. I wanted to show how you can carve out the negative space around an object with paint to to get an accurate drawing. I thought everyone did a great job. I forgot to bring my camera to take class pics to show you, I will not forget next time. Thanks to everyone who was patient with me as I got past my nerves. I will be giving another workshop in Bartlesville, OK in January, this will be a 3 day class and doing a demo in September for the Edmond Art Association. Happy painting!