Sunday, December 26, 2010

Warm Wishes

"Pumpkin" 14"x14"

After the rush of the past few weeks I am a little weary, so I thought it would be nice to sit down next to my twinkling little Christmas tree and take stock. The shoppping is done, the gifts have been given and now I am seeing past all of that. Happy Birthday Jesus! You came to us on a cold winter night to be our salvation. So much to ask of one tiny baby. It really makes me take pause, no wonder we celebrate. But right now for me it's time for quiet contemplation. Last night I was on the internet when my computer down loaded a nasty virus, well 2 hours later the nice man in Saudi Arabia had fixed the problem. As we said goodnight he wished me a Merry Christmas and I had to wonder if he believed as I do, maybe not, probably not, but he had respect for my beliefs and honored them. It was a small gesture but meant so much. Jesus taught us compassion for those not like us, to help the less fortunate, patience and respect for all. These are the qualities I want to focus on more in my life. I think whether you believe as I do or not, these ideals trancend religion or politics and are just plain good. I will take them with me into the new year. Warm wishes to all!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Martha Berryhill Passes Away At 110

Three years ago I had the honor and privilege to paint a portrait of then 107 year old Creek Indian Martha Berryhill. At the time I was preparing for a solo exhibition here in Okmulgee. The name of the show was "Our Town, Our Land, Our People" it included local landscapes, a doctor, a judge, a state representative, lots of familiar people and places that make this town uniquely ours. Can you imagine everything this woman experienced in her life, the wars, the depression, TV, radio, the births and deaths of those she loved. I was so moved when I met her, I studied the lines on hers face the age in her hands and the soulfulness of her eyes. I went to her home and photographed her outside wearing her traditional dress. While I was taking pictures she began to pray out loud, while I couldn't understand much she was saying I couldn't help but feel like this is one of those moments in life where you never want to forget, and I won't. I donated this portrait to the Creek Council House Museum.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Workshop Announcement

I am excited to announce an upcoming 3 day workshop, March 18,19 & 20, 2010 with the Bartlesville Art Assoc. The workshop is open to beginner to advanced oil painters. We will concentrate on still life with an emphasis on painting flowers. I will be doing demonstrations and individual critiques daily. The workshop will take place at the Johnstone art center in Bartlesville from 9am-4pm Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The cost is $225.00. Please contact Dedra Morgan @(918)336-6033 or Jan Clark @ (918)336-4977 to sign up. Thanks and Happy painting!