Sunday, December 26, 2010

Warm Wishes

"Pumpkin" 14"x14"

After the rush of the past few weeks I am a little weary, so I thought it would be nice to sit down next to my twinkling little Christmas tree and take stock. The shoppping is done, the gifts have been given and now I am seeing past all of that. Happy Birthday Jesus! You came to us on a cold winter night to be our salvation. So much to ask of one tiny baby. It really makes me take pause, no wonder we celebrate. But right now for me it's time for quiet contemplation. Last night I was on the internet when my computer down loaded a nasty virus, well 2 hours later the nice man in Saudi Arabia had fixed the problem. As we said goodnight he wished me a Merry Christmas and I had to wonder if he believed as I do, maybe not, probably not, but he had respect for my beliefs and honored them. It was a small gesture but meant so much. Jesus taught us compassion for those not like us, to help the less fortunate, patience and respect for all. These are the qualities I want to focus on more in my life. I think whether you believe as I do or not, these ideals trancend religion or politics and are just plain good. I will take them with me into the new year. Warm wishes to all!


Paula Ann Ford said...

And the same to you Anne! Thank you for saying what is in my heart too.

Raw Abandon said...

Thanks Paula, nice to meet you.