Thursday, June 18, 2009

Got My Groove Back

" Spring on the Illinois" 11"x18" Oil

I thought my post show would only last a couple of weeks, that's how long I had it scheduled, ha! I guess the saying "it takes as long as it takes" is true for me. I had made plans about new ideas and projects I wanted to start on as soon as the show was over, and I made a bunch of starts and stops, but nothing seemed to gel. I came to realize I just needed time to play, to be a student and to try different ideas. I didn't need to turn out a "product" every time I put brush to canvas, that's a lot of pressure and I had just been under a lot of that, (the good kind of course.) So I did lots of small paintings, experimenting with lighting, subjects and color. I also went outside this spring and painted plein air. What a joy it is to be privileged enough to do what you love to do everyday. My battery is now fully charged and I am working on some bigger pieces again. This painting was done from a plein air study with photo back up. I have to say though, the photos were so different from what I saw that day, I really used them for drawing and detail.

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