Wednesday, October 7, 2009

8 Routines To build Your Art Business

As a wife and mother of two sons and a full time artist my life is full indeed. I do have the luxury of working from my home and I consider myself a small business with one employee, me. That means I wear lots of hats. The artist in me wants to be in the studio always, but the practical side of me knows that there is so much more to do than just paint. Being organised is not a bad thing, most successful artists I know are savvy business people and having routines actually frees the mind to be able to be more creative.
1. Set a schedule with regular studio and office hours.
2.Start your week out right, I usually go to my studio for a little while every Sunday to straighten up, declutter, and think about what I will begin on in the morning.
3.The "To Do List" also on Sunday. Ex. order supplies, photograph art, calls to make. I get great satisfaction crossing them off, knowing I am advancing my business. I keep my list in a notebook and what I don't get done on last weeks list moves on to this weeks list.
4.Clean up at day's end. Walk into your studio ready to paint. What a drag to have to clean dry brushes and paint when you want to start painting.
5.Don't forget marketing! Write a newsletter,update mailing lists, post to your blog.
6. research galleries, artists, shows of interest, and magazines. Keep current.
7. Keep a file cabinet. Soooo helpful. I have files for forms, ex. inventory and model release, receipts, sales info, newsletter ideas, files of paintings location, etc.
8. Review your goals and see what steps you need to take to further them along and write them on your list.
There is so much to think about and rember, but having a set routine can keep us on track and focused for success.

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